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How is been this past week? Good, because I am busy with some projects as usual but I had time to have my real meeting with friends (this is a good habit that I'm going to keep forever)and we had a dinner for girls only following cinema with Minions, let me say in the cinema kids were really few majority of public was of asults…well we did a long list of cartoons to watch together… I must to confess that I am totally in love with candy corner in the cinema:P… 
perfect afternoon at lake with partents

I was looking my wardrobe and I decide to do another declutter into it, during this summer I ought a pair of dar blue shorts that I wore almost daily and I am so glad about the fact this here I haven’t soaking as last summer, this shorts are been best investment for season:P
Bolsena's lake, crystal water:P my place for peace during summer

I’ve trying to read  “Wedding season” by Katie Fforde but also if is nice I am reading because I must to finish it efore read “The knockoff” but I am only at chapter 11 maybe happens something that make me more interesting on this book, that I cannot say is bad, because eis nice and well written but I need to give it an opportunity…However I still have bags of books near my desk in my room I'm still deciding when go to thrifty store and all month of august passed already in a while....
usually this is my mood on monday mornings dedicated to budgeting

On past Friday I went to pay dome condos expenses, then I went into bookstores and I must to say I felt in love at first sight with a lovely organizer for 2016, well this items is on my approved list and seriously I’m not going to buy it in December, because during this month prices are higher than usual…so this is why I am wondering buy it now that I can choose between colors and model or wait late November?What would you do? I know that Christmas gift will be choose and bought on november because I am not going to think and go to shop only the week before Christmas...have abudget helped me to plan and organize better my expenses!!!

During a lazy afternoon I decided to have a baking moment making a chocolate and carrots baked cake, well every member of family liked it, but I must to confess baked cakes make from my mother are more soft…and she weight ingredients with eye not with scale:P

  • The most I've spent this past week was on Night with girls, we ate gian sandwich in our favorite local and then movie buying candies as treat during movie,
  • Today I feel good towards money because I am keeping budget under control, also if is stressful and hating have a budget in the long time I understood the importance to have one
  • Money can't buy happiness One free thing I did last week that make me happy was: spend quality time with parents and friends, especially our night out and our sunday's lunch at Claudia's home
  • I will consider this week a success if I will go in the swimming pool twice (its closure day will be on 8th of September) last days for relaxing sunbathing all at once
  • Treat of the week: go in the bookstore to buy a book for my mother and decide something for planner/organizer


  1. Che bello vedere ancora un po' di mare almeno in foto :-)
    L'immagine con il cagnolino e il "keep calm" è simpaticissima e proprio quello che ci vuole cara Giulia!!!
    Un bacione

    The Princess Vanilla

    1. eh già, io finchè temperature e tempo permettono vado un paio di giorni qualche ora in piscina (vicino casa ho una piscina con tariffa oraria fantastica-lettini e ombrelloni compresi nel prezzo) e nei week end non lavorativi lago....tra poco diventerà di nuovo tutto freddo e grigio ed io voglio godermi il sole fino all' foto con il cagnolino rispecchia me il lunedì mattina prima del caffè alle prese con il budget:P

  2. Bolsena lake...I love! The soul and the nature music...


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