domenica 25 settembre 2016


This past week is been good, really busy but I've kept my weekly date with friend and I had also a lunch in a restaurant -that I can really recommend-with family...and in the end of the day went in a flower  garden furniture shop where my mother bought something for her and gifted me a lovely necklace with shells...

I worked almost all the afternoon as baby sitter and in the evening I've kept dog sitting and evening walking, but with shorter journey I'll must to change hour, but for now with sunny days temperatures are really really good!

Me and my friend Claudia spent saturday afternoon talking and in the evening we wanted our sandwich take away, but this service isn't available in the weekend so we opted for dear old friens Mc donalds and we watched Bridget Jones 1 and 2, talking and laughing a lot, I love laugh  with friends and family it is a good habit, science says that is good also for your healt!
Plus i'm lanning some day trips with girls that are necessary, honestly i'm trying to convince also my parents to do a day trip together, I'm quiet sure I'll win and convince them:P

I'm been into thrifty store to sel some books that I'm not going to keep or read again and I'm doing a list of books I'm going to read until the end of 2016 and I must to admit I already started look into shop to find ideas for Christmas gifts...I already had some gifts in my moind, but I'm going to buy later but not after first of December....I noticed price became higher in this moth so I'm not going to spend 2 for something that until 31 of november costs 1...

During this week I'm going to spend a night out with girls, have a dinner out and then work until friday choosing to stay at home during week nights reading apart friday night that I watch a nice tv when I have time in the afternoon I like to watch "My kitchen rules" program, it is really interesting!!!
favorite dish I ate in the restaurant 

  • The most I've spent this past week was on: dinner out with friend but it is been under €15 so I'm very proud about it, I'm having good social life still having a tiny weekly budget
  • Today I feel Unsure towards money because: also if I'm doing a good work I'm waiting for a payment and before it I'm a little bit unsure about budget planned, so I'm trying in  to cover daily expenses with dog sitting income, but in these moments I'm a little bit unsure and afraid to intack emergency fund for unexpeced bills, but for the moment seems nothing unexpected happened also if I'm going to save more so I know I'll have very frugal period but my friends know that I'm not going to became extrem cheapskate:D
  • Money can't buy happiness, one free thing I did last week that make mehappy was: spend quality time with family at lunch on sunday and spending quality time with friends, probably soon I'll have time only for coffee date
  • I will consider this week a success if I'll don't have big headaches during budgeting day, I will send out a snail mail to my friend Noemi in her new house and probably in 2017 I'll visit her (at least I hope to be able to do it)
  • Tv program of the week: Honestly I have 2: My kitchen rules where 6 couples cook and present menu to other couple and two judges, then other guests vote for the dinner and the final winner of season win 250000 not bad right? and the other is Tale e Quale show where italian Vip try to imitate singers and I find it very very funny....

How is been your week?

giovedì 22 settembre 2016


Maybe you are going to sell your house because you need a more spacious place or because you are moving so being quiet sure that every client and homeowner looks and takes notes from interior sdesign magazines and blogs I want REALLY recommend some things to homeowner that NEEDS to do some changes into their home to sell it on it Best version!!!

If you are going to hire a realtor (and I really recommend it for several reasons) he/she will see your house also into a state of Mess seeing the potential of the house but believe me he/she will suggest you to do little changes that will became SIGNIFICANT into sale process:

  • DECLUTTER: If you ever watched one episode of million Dollar property, you probably noticed that houses are always clean and with few items that capture attention, not a series of stupid stuff that makes hard also to walk between first thing is to prepare rooms, eliminating stuff you are not going to keep choosing what donate/eliminate/sell and believe me this means light moving later
  • CLEAN: This is serious topic because I visited a lot of houses that smelled and it isn't good think, same story for houses with a lot of dust, dust isn't a guest or a member family so you're must to ELIMINATE IT! I'm not saying tha tit isn't an hard work, but in the end you'll have great place that smell good -but please don't use bad fragrances listen realtor's tips
  • I noticed that when couple visit a house together woman is more interested into kitchen and bathroom, men about living room and bedroom, so considering that CHAOTIC ROOMS aren't a good welcome for potential clients so take time to see if you already have some lovely and decorative baskets to organize better spaces in the house , maybe doing some DIY work (could be relaxing hobby) or you must to involve a tiny amount to buy them ....IKEA could be a great idea!
These was first tips to present your house into the real estate market on ITs best version ever, next time new tips and some rules for open house days!!!

lunedì 19 settembre 2016


During weekend I've spent time writing and free time with friends and reading fashion magazines and I must to say I felt in love with several items that are a little bit too expensive for my pockets and honeslty if I'd pay €4500 for a bag I'd be scared to ruin it and I'd keept Itinto closet, so It could be a waste of money..... However most people can permit and buy only thatkind of items so I did a little selection of Luxury items...yes we are really OUT from my normal tiny budget....

Fendi bag €2700

Alexander McQueen Dress €2495

Renè Caovilla shoes €1134+1836
Swarovski jewels  €599+699+1795

I tried to imagine to do shopping for a very nice event, so is essential that dress can be used during cold and warm months, changing accessories but when you use your calculator and result is €11.258(without considering price for coat) I can really say other great view to spend this amount of money: deposit for house, a new car, several holidays, because believe me you can find similar items at really cheap magazines and runway shows are good to see but please don't waste on your money on something that you cannot afford and you're not going to use becaus eyou are afraid to lose-ruin-damage IT.... but everyone is different this is only my personal point of view!!!

domenica 18 settembre 2016


This past week is been busy as usual but I had time to have my weekly real date with friends and I've found an extra side hustle that I love because It permits me to combine 2 of my passions: writing and real estate,..

I've met my friend Samantha in the cafe into commercial center tat is halfway from our houses, every time we do a stop into H&M shop and I must to say I've bought some tshirts that are good under blazer and when temperature are warmer you can wear them alone with jeans or skirt...there is also another niche fahsion shop that is Combipel but prices are not so cheap, but I must to say that their size are real and if you are a curvy like me that wear 10-12 you will find your size, while in other famous brand shop you feel obese also wearing XXXL and believe for a woman isn't a good sensation!!!

During coffee date I was talking with my friend because 2017 for me is already busy with several invites for weddings, baptism, gradution so I'm slowly building a corner of dresses and ooutfit for these kind of events...

Wheater isn't been so good infact me and reverend's daughter are been in the park only once, because was a sunny day the other days sky is been grey and rainy and for a summer and sun lover as me isn't been good, but I've spent several weeknights athome reading and writing, I love writing and also receive snail mail from my friends from all over the world!

  • the most I've spent this past week was on:grocery store, so considering food essential I'm proud about what I've spent and what I've ate during this past week
  • Today I feel normal towards money because :I am taking budget under control trying to be a little bit more frugal and savvy still having good social life
  • Money can't buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that make happy was: spend time with my friends watching things, talking and laughing, nothing is better
  • I will consider this week a success if :I and write other 3 articles for real estate side hustle work
  • Goal for the week: buy and wrap birthday gift for my mother that turns 59 on 20th of September, yep I'm a young mum:P

How is been your week?

sabato 17 settembre 2016


Last time I explained why is better to make an offer per time and I wanted to talk about tips how to present a house better but after a while a couple of friends that are undeceided asked me if they can make two offer at the same time with two realtor and two different homes...ABSOLUTELY I tried to explain better the resaon, but if in the end you are going to waste your money I will send you my IBAN so I can say money will be well invested:P

You found two homes, you need to calculate pros and cons and if list is equal you need to take at least two days to think about every solution and only then take a decision and MAKE ONLY ONE OFFER...Why?

I try to explain better is possible:

  • you found 2 homes with 2 different realtors, so you are going to make 2 offers thinking tha tif you fail one you have the other, well story is a little bit different because every offer must to have a check attached (deposit that usually is 10-20% of your offer). So try to imagine this scenario: you make offer with a check of €10000, realtr present it to homeowner and he/she accept and sign the offer (It worths as legal contract). Then you change idea because you understood that you prefer the other house
  • Ok you'll buy onehouse but homeowner house that you don't want will receive your deposit, so you lose €10000 and realtor wants his/her commission and you must to pay, because every time you make an offer with realtor, he/she will ask to sign a documents for commission, 
  • In this exactly case you will lose €10000 and you'll must to pay two commission that usually are 3% of house's price, so if house is on sale for 100000 realtor commission will be 3000+vat, so with 2 accepted offer you must to pay 20000 for deposit and more of 6000 on commission, when is better to pay a little bit more of 13000 for our ideal house
Why you must to wasteyour money, realtors could be happy to be paid also without selling, but honestly this isn't my case, I prefer to know that client and homeowner did a good affair, plus if you are still thinking to make 2 offers at same time, you are free(we ive in a free country)but if I can suggest take at least a coupleof days, return to visit home from outside alone and then you make an offer on house where you feel really at home!!!

lunedì 12 settembre 2016


This past week is been interesting, busy as usual but I've kept my good habit of weekly real date with friends, I've spent also sunday night with my parents into my favorite local in town WIMPY (I will talk about it a post later)...I've walked a lot before, during and after my evening walk doing dog sitting...I find relaxing walk with the dog listening music, I have time to think, plan, It is a creative moment as I like reading during weeknights...
all pics are from my instagram page

September is the last month with all weekend free then I'll start again to work in a cafe during weekend until the middle of June, but is good because I'm focused on saving so extra income and new side huslte are welcome...

Duting one of my real date with friend I had a breakfast with Samantha, we're planning to spend a day in the end of September or first days of October in a sea's place...for this fall I'm planning several day trips to visit my friends using my free days....During last week I've made also a lovely cheesecake and all my family's loved it I received recipes from my friend Alexander and I ate it for an entire day..., but now is time to have a detox time...I'm not going to gain weight I've lost and I loved the fact that I've kept my curves also being on a diet, I'm going to add extra exercise at home....

On first week of September I've chaged hair color and I liked a lot on first days now I'm unsure if keep them or return to my natural color, because now hair seem too blonde but I've decided to keep them until October and then decide what to color is a complicated story for a woman!

During this week I'll keep all my projects, hope to end a personal projects, plan some activities and trips, apply to a couple of remote works into writing field, work as usual and a lot of more things...What about your plans fro this new week?
  • The most I've spent this week was: eating out (always on a budget), car wash , ingredient for cheesecake and 2 shirts on H&M, nothing special and I'm became quiet good on buying necessary things on a budget
  • Today I feel GOOD towards money because I'm keeping budget under control and I'm re-fill Emergency fund being frugal but still having a good social life
  • Money can't buy happiness, one free thing I did last week that make me happy was: receive email from a friend, snail mail from penpals from all over the word and have time to write reply (but I must to send out these letters)
  • I will consider this week a success if I'll keep my daily evening walking and add some extra gym at home (there are several videos and tutorials on youtube)
  • Planning: Some day trips for the fall with friends and alone, also if I loved my sort of staycation I need to have a break out of town

How is been your week?

sabato 10 settembre 2016


The other day I finally been able to make a delicious cheesecake, ok isn't a complicated cake because you don't need oven, but there is a particular cheese that isn't been so easy to find.

I received this delicious recipes from my friend Alexander, that is a young talent chef from Abruzzo, so in the following recipe there is Pecorino di Farindola and isn't been easy affair to find it, I went in every single shops per week until I had Eureka moment and I went into GALLI 1950 shop, that is the most antique food shop in my hometown but here you can find everything also if isn't cheap, infact we say that is like to go into a jewelry...but if you are in TErni and you need to find something go here...

However I've bought all the ingredients making some changes and make the cheesecake and I ust to say this Pecorino cheese is delious also alone, but I'm a cheese lover so maybe my opinion don't count...

250 gr Philadelphia cream cheese
300 gr cream (I used vegan type)
60/80 gr of Pecorino di Farindola cheese

For the base:
200 gr of biscuits(I used oats)
50gr butter


Crumble biscuits and combine with melted butter, cobine them to create a base.
Combine Pecorino cheese, cream and Philadephia without creating lumps and to have good result philadelphia must and cream must to be at room temperature.
Combine ingredients, assembles cheesecake and let it in the fridge.

Ok I must to say that I loved this cheesecake also without any kind of topping, while my friend suggested 3 kind of topping for this cake: caramel, berries or nutella, well I am not a big fan of nutella and in my fridge I had berries jam so I used It, well with this topping every memer of family loved it!!!