mercoledì 19 ottobre 2016


Ok you decided to sell your house, ask professional help, followed all suggestion, so you decluttered your home and did a great home staging, now that your house is on the market , realtor suggested you to have at least one Open house that day you will be away from your home, so your Ears will not hear critics....

But I must to say not all realtors are prepared to this kind of event, usually what do you imagine at open house? Nice place, good food and drinks, plus materials and last but not least realtor business card....well I can say that I attended some Open house where there was, absolutely nothing and if you are doing a serious research, you aren't seeing only one house at time, but several so taking informations (aka bringing depliants and business card) are really helpful....Maybe that could be your ideal house, but in the same week you visited other 5 and you have informations about alls except It, maybe you have a great memory, but I tend to have materials and realtors usually manages more than one house so is better also for them have information and do a quickly connection....

If you ever watched an episode of Million dollar property, have you saw that best day for Open house is friday, well usually because on saturday in the Us realtors don't work, while in Italy saturday morning is a working day for realtors and could be best deal for open house day....however a tips that I gave and followed is don't do long Open house days, a couple of hours are good,...Most people have free mornings so also couple can attend It together, slowly time 

Isn't necessary to be great chef to prepare a table with food, drinks and materials, if you look on web you can find simply ideas like these:

About home you must to prepare a depliant of one paper with most interesting rooms, important details, price and your contacts,there is a very nice site that sells these items...

for example these re two interesting one paper description of great homes:

Realtor must to be recognizable, so She/He can wear jeans but with a nice blazer, casual-elegant look, must to be kindle and have a nice smile, I understood that a smile can open millions of doors, finger crossed, deep breath and Asap your house will be SOLD!!!

lunedì 17 ottobre 2016


This past week is been busy as usual but I'm glad I've kept my daily walking routine and my weekly real dates with my friends, now that winter is coming and nights are more cold, honestly I prefer spend my nights at home watching tv or reading a book with music and a good cup of hot tea...

On friday I had a cofee date with my friend Samantha, I've spent my saturday with family and sunday afternoon with my friend Claudia in the little village of Miranda, I like this tiny village but organization wasn't so good, however it was a sunny and warm day, plus I met again a friend from university and we're going to have a dinner before Christmas...

Ok I must to admit I love Christmas while I'm not a big fan of Halloween but I like pumpkin and probably I'll attend an Halloween party in the end of the month, I'm trying to try new things...However I'm using web to take notes for nice gift ideas and not only for Christmas but also for birthdays!!!

I never watched movie or read a phrase from "50 shades of grey" but most people said that I cannot judge it without having a idea, so when I've read a review of Calendar Girl I decided to read and I've read all the 4 volumes, but I'm not going to keep them, are nice, probably my favorie are been volume 3 and 4, there is a lovely happy end but nothing more or less than I expected...while I loved and I am going to keep and read in the future (I am keeping only books I read millions of time without became bored) the story of Esther the wonder pig, a lovely pg, you can visit her Instagram or facebook's page, it is true when I read this kind of stories I think that vegans did a great choice but for the moment I'm limiting meat and fish...but being a cheese lover it will a long and hard process....however I'm studying a lot to have healty diet comletely cruelty free....

I loved my day trip in Rome and I'm going to repeat It soon, plus I'm planning some other day trips with friends, plus I'm planning a lot of diy works with reverend's daughter during my baby sitting afternoon....I did a serious declutter into my wardrobe and I needed a new pair of jeans so when i receive a call from Bonprix, I accepted their offer with shipping cost included so I've bought a new pair of skinny jeans, so for winter I still need a new bag and a pair of flat boots but in this case research continues...

For this week I'm going to spend weeknights at home, have a coffee date with friends and re-organize my second desk, that in this moment is a true mess, while I'd like to transfor It in a sort of DIY corner...

  • The most I've spent this past week was on:fall-winter shopping, infact I've bought jeans from bonprix, a grey light sweat in Piazza Italia shop, some diy materials and beauty products from Tigotà shop.
  • Today I feel Normal towards money because: I'm trying to keep budget under control still having good social life and with cold temperatures I prefer to stay at home during nights so I tend to have coffee dates
  • Money can't buy happiness, one free thing I did last week that make me happy was: spending wuality time with friends and have time to dedicate to myself only, sometimes time for ourself is an absolute NEED
  • I will consider this week a success if: I'll keep my daily walking routine, I'll read "The end of men" and I'll start a detailed list of gifts for Christmas 
  • Book's selection of the week: Esther the wonder pig: changing the worlds one heart at a time

How is been your week?

lunedì 10 ottobre 2016


This past week is been really good and I'm glad I limited my eating out at twice per week, Infact I've ate ot during movie night with my friend Claudia and yesterday during my day trip in Rome, a little break was an absolutely need for I used part of that time to meet a friend of mine, we talked a lot, next time I am going to spend more hours in Rome...visiting other things and places...

I've opted for a lunch alone into RoadHouse grill into Termini's Station and at the beginning seemed that most people ere watching me because I was a woman ALONE in a restauran, I didn't saw he problem so I ordered a Extra cheese burger with french fries and a chocolate fondant with caramel and salted butter (heaven in my mouth)....I adored every single bite but next time I'm going to try a veggie recipe...but that fondant is a magic in your mouth:P

In the afternoon I had date with my friend and we opted to meet in Cavur's square, well I entered the address into google maps and It send me in VIA CAVOUR that is another part, probably someone would must to say to google I used time before take underground to do some shopping: a book, a map of Rome and a lot of materials for DIY at Tiger shop, seriously I'm totally in love with this shop, It has great DIY materials and gift ideas for the entire in the end we met in the theological faculty...great quality time spent with friend!

For this week I'm going to do several DIY with Reverend's daughter during baby sitting afternoon, I'm going to keep my daily walking with dog and cover expenses of the week with dog sitting income... I still have some weekend free so I'm going to spend most weeknights at home opting for explore new places during week end....

  • The most I've spent this past week was on: Day trip in Rome, but every cents I've spent worth the day because spend some hours far from hometown helped me to recharge batteries for a new intense week
  • Today I feel OK towards money because: also if I have budget under control, maybe this past week I've spent a little bit more of amount planned, so this week I am going to try to be a little bit more frugal than usual
  • Money can't buy happiness, one free thing I did last week tat make me happy was: spending real time with my friend, I needed to have this kind of conversation and also if we see few time is always a good time when we are able to spend quality time together for real...
  • I will consider this week a success if: I'll end a book and start the new one I've bought in Rome, yes I'm going to spend several weeknights at home reading
  • I've started taking notes of:gift ideas for Christmas, infact I'm going to buy all Christmas gifts for the end of November, looking into shops, markets, web and I already found some great ideas:P

How is been your week?

sabato 8 ottobre 2016


Usually I wake up quiet soon, but when I have weekend free from any kind of work I tend to spend time relaxing into my bad, well this morning I woke up without alarm clock hearing ruors into neighbor's apartment...I HATE THAT KIND OF RUMORS, so this meas a double coffee to start my journey....

This week I ate out only once with my friend Claudia and our movie night watching Pets, I must to say it is nice but no so nice as I thought from trailer...however i can recommend to watch It!!!

 I had several coffee date with friends and I can say that I have favorite cafes in my hometown...

Do you have favorite cafe in your city?

giovedì 6 ottobre 2016


Ok you followed every single tips and suggestion of your realtor, attended some Open house and reorganized spaces in your home to have a good first impression on potential clients....Good but sometimes there are things that is better don't hear, see, say...

If you are like me so you have pets, is normal that you decide to keep them in the house, well it isn't wrong but most people are afraid for their kids (I have an opinion about it but is better to say NO COMMENT), or maybe they are allergic, Sometimes is the pet that could attack client so is better for that day do a long walk in the park, ask to your parents or friends to keep your pets in their home...

KEEP THE HOUSE CLEAN: If you have decluttered and reorganized your home, cleaning time become more easy and enter in a clean house, is a better welcome that put your foot in a dirty house or not? If you ever seen an episode of Buying & Selling you noticed that also Scott brother say Keep the house so (aka clean and organized)

Ok you are the homeowner for the moment, so you would like to be in the Home during the Open house day, but honestly this isn't a great idea, maybe you saved for buy that house doing a lot of sacrifices, did renovation works following your preference and believe me...isn't good to listen that some rooms are ugly, that color is wrong, because you can think that is an insult on your personality and is normal that you can say something that isn't so gentle...

This is why I tend to suggest to take the open house day as free day from the house, so potential clients are free to say their real thouhgts you don't feel stressed about critics and in the end of it also realtor is more relaxed, don't believe that be moderator between client and homeowner is an easy affair, however also realtors can make great mistakes, but we'll talk about it next time!

mercoledì 5 ottobre 2016


During the past week I've ate at home once or twice and I'm been glad about the fact I had opportunity to spend quality time with friends but last year I did a diet that helped me lose weight keeping curves and withall sacrifices I did I'm not going to gain weight...yes I'm going to return into Tisanoreica's center to buy some products that I liked and have a more detox diet BEFORE CHRISTMAS...

But for this week I'm going to have a sort of detox diet having at least one meal of SOUPS, that are my favorite comfty food for fall-winter...

Into web, foodblog, magazines, you can find several ideas and I must to say I have my favorite soups of season that are: 

  • POTATOE'S SOUP-honestly I'm trying to find to steal recipe f potatoes soup of irish pub that is delicious, but this version of The pioneer woman is really good too:P
  • PUMPKIN'S SOUP- I love pumpkin and this is its time, choosing seasonal products helps you to keep your budget under control
  • MUSHROOM'S SOUP:I like Jamie Oliver and usually I find great tips and inspiration from his magazine, this recipe is a success!!!
  • PAPPA AL POMODORO: this is an italian poor recipe and it is absolutely delicious, yes best time to eat It is summer, but if you have last minute guest and want to impress, this is always a good choice...on web you can find several version richest or more coplicated, but Jamie Oliver offered a good version of It...
Do you have a fovorite soup?

lunedì 3 ottobre 2016


I said that I'm not a big fan of beer, while I'm a HUGE FAN OF WINe, especially white wine, this is also best time of the year to dlo wine tasting week ends and/or wine beaty treatments....

Here some nice destination in Italy

  • TUSCANY- Castel Prataio Wine, you can taste: classic Chianti wine, elegant Albertus wine and faschinating Adaileta wine, a double room with breakfast is from €110
  • PUGLIA-Masseria Le febbriche, an antique place with a personal history of more than 400 years, is 2 km far from the sea and near you can vist mediaval villages of Maruggio and Manduria, here you can taste a very very good Negroamaro, Primitivo and MAlvasia nera wine...I like alls...however double room with breakfast is from €160
  • VENETO- Maybe you think that in Venice is impoosible to have a vineyard, well the truth is that is POSSIBLE, infact in town of Venissa there is only 10 minutes far from Venice seems to enter in another world. room with breakfast is from €110 per night

But there are several more location: Umbria, Trentino Alto Adige and more depends what you are looking for, but searching on web I'm sure you'll find perfect destination for you.

Maybe you don't have free day for holiday but you'd like to try beauty treatments but being on a budget you cannot attend SPA, so reading last issue of DETTO FATTO magazine I found nice DIY BEATY TREATMENTS, so you can invite some friends and re-create a SPA directly into your home...This is my favorite DIY BEAUTY TREATMENT, is easy to do and could be a nice diy gift idea too

you need: 2 spoons of red wine
1 spoon of honey
3/4 spoons of sugar 
1/2 spoons of almond oil
10 drops of lemon essential oil

Put in a bowl all the ingredients, stir well. this scrub must to be used on humd skin, and is good repeat this treatment once per week