lunedì 5 dicembre 2016


This past week is been busy as usual quiet busy with work but I had a couple of afternoon completely free from any kind of work so I called my friend Samantha and we did some Christmas shopping, infact I needed to buy Barbie Mermaid for Reverend's daughter (and hopefully I found right model) and Samantha needed to buy some cookie cutters so we bought what we need took a quick coffe on cafe "le delizie di Napoli", if you are spend a day in terni you need to syop and try this bakery cafe every bite is amazin...However we decided to go in the centre and we walked and do serious window shopping, then we needed some relax so we opted for hot tea, we choosse Strawberry&Mango favour, great choice....nothing is better of real talk with your friend...

I had a weekend free so I decided to spend a day in Rome to see the Love art show then I've spent sunday in the curch, ok before church I went to Vote and I haven't problem to say that my vote is been for NO, I studied all and was a mass of chaos, really my room is more tidier instead this reform, who voted Yes or decided to don't go to vote or not had and still has good reasons...Luckily we can say what we think and I'm really glad about It...

Next weekend I will be busy with work in the cafe but I must to admit I am little bit sorry about the fact I cannot attend 2 interesting event, one in my hometown and one in my Region, but working until friday and having already weekend busy...this is why I'd like to have the gift of ubiquity...infact on saturday nnear my church there will be a free course for adult about Essential oils and until 12/11 on Bastia Umbrs there is Expo Regalo, this is a show that I'd like to attend from a couple of years but I'm always busy with work...maybe next year!!!

For this week I'm going to reorganize better my second desk, with last shopping is a mess of ribbons, wrapping paper, decorations, material for diy and other things so is necessary re-organize this space better...I will send out  little Christmas gift ahead for a friend of mine that is living in Parma, I already prepared all the material I need, I'm going to spend weeknights at home, reading and relaxing...I love this time of the year but I need to relaxt in the evening and with cold temperature there is nothing better for me that a good cup of hot tea!!!

  • The most I've spent this week was on: my day trip in Rome, but I must to say the trip worths every single cent I've spent. Rome is a magic city and I love It every time because I discover new places or details every time
  • Today I feel Ok towards money because I will have extra income this week that will go directly into bank account but I'd like to find remote side hustle to increase the extra this month, but for the moment I'm happy about I am taking budget under control
  • Money can't buy happiness, one free thing I did last week that make me happy was: afternoon with my friend Sammy, nothing is better than real conversation in fron of a good coffee/tea and I loved meet again some friends in Rome
  • I will consider this week a success if I will re-organize my second desk and will add some gym to my daily walking with dog
  • My song of the week: If you watched Sister Act 1 &2 you probably loved every song and there is one that is been used also for advertising, I will follow him, It is amazing an if you don't remember this is a video from the great movie...I recommend to watch boths!!!

How is been your week?

domenica 4 dicembre 2016


All you need is love is a song while Love is all you need is love is a movie with Pierce Brosnan really nice if you are interested to watch it, but on 3rd of December I decided to spend an enire day in Rome because I was going to attend the art show called "Love", well I attended a interesting meeting/reuinion in the church in the morning and after lunch I asked some informations to arrive to Chiostro del Bramante in Rome, I used google maps for a while but then my smartphone decided to die, my battery was off so I used the old methd: asked informations to real people saying Please & thanks adding always a smile...
This a detail of a fountain in Rome

When I paid my ticket (€13) gentle youths asked which voice I wanted for audioguide (it is included with the tickets), ok I must to confess I wanted David&biagio at the beginning but they say no because It was for kids so in the end I opted for Coco, very very good choice:P
During my walks into the art show most people had their smartphone making pics because It is possible and share with #chiostrolove or #chiostrodelbramante, but with my phone off I loved this time to relax and be really focused on the art show... 
Early bird to take train:D

I can say one of my favorites part are on room 3 but it is been a lovely show and I really recommend to visit this art show because is very interesting and I can say I'd like to live in Rome only to have good excuse to attend at least one artshow per week;P..

However before the exit ther is a nice store where I've bought a book, a bookmark and a postcard and if you want to drink or eat something there is a lovely cafe, boths situated on first floor but for a pause in the afternoon i choose to vist Terrazza Termini where I found also a little corner to charge my battery....I can say that this new space on Termini's station is very nice and rrich of good place to sit and wait your train....

giovedì 1 dicembre 2016


I had 2 afternoon completely free from kids or anything, so I must to admit that on first day I was excited and bored at the same time, but after a while I understood how precious were these days , with busy life is a necessity find time for ourself, so I used my free time to do serious declutter into wardrobe (I must still to finish) and into my book's collection, find material for DIY projects(handmade greeting cards are coming) and I've read (oh yes my mind loved these moments) and yes I watched also some tv but honestly I don't watch a lot and I'm been surprise to see nice shows like Fringe in the afternoon. We can talk a lot about how is amazing Joshua Jackson right?

I love to read and I'm an avid reader but last books I''ve read disliked me, I found them quiet boring so after last word I put directly into box for thrifty store, sorry I'm going to keep only books I love read millions of time finding them great every Iì'm reading last Chiara Moscardelli's book and I am finding It nice, her principal protagonist is worst version of Bridget Jones and I love It because is real come on we all thought we were most unlucky of her, we can admit It!!!

I already planned my weekend, infact I'm going to have a cofee date with my friend Samantha and I need to buy last Christmas gift-yes I can achieve my goal to end Christmas shopping in the first week of December- repair  couple of winter coats and I'm going to have another couple of coffee dates on saturday during my day trip in Rome. SAturday will be a busy day, infact I will attend a meeting with Reverend's in the morning , a quick lunch a coffee inthe afternoon and the I can lose myself in the Art show "LOVE", then on sunday after or before church I'll go to VOTE for this referendum and I've clear what I must to do!!!

How do you recharge your batteries?

mercoledì 30 novembre 2016


Temperatures became cold, seriously and so go inthe park isn't a good option, but watching tv all afternoon isn't a good idea too, so what to do' I tend to make a weekly list of activities that don't involve tv...

So a day we painted a lot, another we tried to make a paper Christmas tree but inth end Reverend's daughter choose to play to be "princess", then I asked if she wanted to have another afternoon of cooking, answer is been "yes", so I've bought ingredients to make pizza...

If you have kids or you've spent time with them (nephew count too) you probably lready noticed tht kids loved to be involved into the process of making a food...
This is from google images because my phone was completely without battery!!!

For a pizza you need:
400 gr flour
3 tablespoon of olive oil
240ml water

In a bowl put flour, water and yeast, work then add olive oil, salt and make the pizza dough. keept it rest. Make the pizza adding tomato sauce and or other ingredients you want, we added tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, add some salt and then bake at 80° for 20 minutes. Bon appetit!!!

Outside was cold, inside home warm and we used our time to make delicious things that adults loved!!!

lunedì 28 novembre 2016


Most peple start only now to realize that Christmas is coming and they need to buy some gifts, well there are people that arrives directly on 23rd without thinking about It then realizing and run with the mass of other people, well from some years i tend to buy all my Christmas gift for the end of November max first week of December so I escape fromt he mass of people and I have time to deice gifts and packages...However there are also people that would like to do gifts but they're afraid because their budget is too tiny? well why don't make something with your hands...I found lovely and delicious recipes on web and magazines and I did a personal selection:

KNITTED SCARF using only your hands (honestly I am exercising about It)
yes maybe you must to do a little investmen about bottles, jars and ribbons but is really really low cost...

I  love receive handmade gifts --because It means that person spent a good amount of her-his time making something for me and I feel like a special person, then also simply gift can have a great package and usually I attach an handrwritten notes to every gifts, but hei I am snail mail lover and I know that I am in good company!

domenica 27 novembre 2016


This past week is been good and bad at the same time, but I'm glad about I had a moment to see my friend Samantha in person, I needed to do some shopping into commercial centre and she was working there so I've bought what I needed and have a real talk with her, I had also weekend free from work inthe cafe and I choose to spent  It with my family...quality time!!!

In these days I'm doing some calligraphy's exercise, I can say a couple of years ago I gifted myself witha manual about Calligraphy, honestly I find It fashinating and I hope that a day I will find a class of It also in my hometown...However I love write notes, handwritten touches that gives a special "allure" to everything-at least this is my point of view-

Also if I'm still dreaming about to have a giant library in the last months I'm doing serious decluttering, infact I decided to keep only boks I love to read millions of time without be bored about them, but a part few the last books I've read went and will go directly into thrifty this week I will do books and closet declutter, plus a serious reorganization of my second desk to have a craft corner for my DIY projects:D

I'm going quiet often in Rome and I'm going to have another daytrip ASAP to attend art exibithion called Love, but I'm glad also for time I dedicated to myself, is really important to have it, also some minutes doing absolutely nothing helps to recharge batteries...normally I use my daily walkiing as dog sitter to think and take a moment only for me...

During this week I'm going to make some crafts directly with Reverend's daughter and I'm going also to have a bake off junior afternoon, infact I've found simple recipes and I nooticed that kids love to be involved into all the process of making food, then having almost completed shopping for Christmas gifts I'm looking for great DIY gift packages, simple but elegant and particular at the same time...

  • The most I've spent tis past week was on: grocery, fuel nothing special I'm doing good girl:D
  • Today I feel NORMAL towards money because: I am waiting for a paycheck and already planned daytrip and expenses for that day so I am try to be quiet frugal also this week, infact I'll stay at home during weeknights...
  • Money cannot buy happiness, one free thing I did last week that make me happy was: have time to talk with my friend Sammy for real and spend quality time with family...
  • I will consider this week a success if : I'll complete my Christmas shopping so I can start to think seriously about gift wrapping:P
  • Treat of this past week: chocolate with Reverend's daughter, if you promise somehting to a kid respect It so I promised and respected !

How is been your week?

sabato 26 novembre 2016


This week is been quiet busy but I had also a afternoon completely for myself honestly I try to find at least 10 minutes daily only for me...a walk, a chapter of a book, some music, help me to relax my mind... I had good and bad days-hei I'm an imperfect human- but I try to see always glass half full, so I'm been really grateful for a lot of things: coffee dates with friends, day trip in Rome ( I'm going to have another day trip next week for art exibithion called Love), time for myself, my family and a lot of other things...probably when we stopp  to think about what we havent and be grateful for everything we have we'd start to be more positive least this is my personal point of view!!!

A friend of mine gifted me with a little beauty treat from her promotion's work...thanks Sammy...there are little beauty products, travel sizes that fit perfectly into my maxi bag and I love Nivea products...I don't use a lot of beauty products but I use facial cream from Nivea because it is light and perfect for my oil skin...

I had a completely vegetarian day eating healty veggie soup and great salad for dinner I noticed that since I try to eat vegetarian more oftenis possible helped a lot my endometrium...I would talk about it in another post (new post is coming soon)

November is almost ended and I need only to buy a couple of gifts for Christmas I'm very proud about it, however one gift is for Reverend's daughter that asked for "Barbie Mermaid" and this morning I finally found a shop that has it or I'll order It online (thanks web!) and another is for a friend that I'm still try to understand what would like to receive, I allready wrote into Flying Tiger shop I found perfect gift for a friend of mine and also a table planner/calendar/organizer for myself, isn't adorable?

This weekend wil be free from work in the cafe so I'm going to spend It with family,( quality time means a lot), I will do serius decluttering into my books and into my closet, plus I'm going to start to think about gift wrapping, on web I found a lot of tutorials to make some special packages!!!