giovedì 25 agosto 2016


August is ending and with it also summer holidays, well I had a sort of staycation so no holiday but I'm going to have a long weekend in the end of September or October to visit some friends... However I was talking with some friends of mine that have a 9-5 regular job and saw difference between their normal diet and holiday meals, well believe or not their choices are been a lot healtier during holiday and also I suggested to try to bring lunch daily and limit to buy it this means a good amount of savings for the end of the year!!!
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If you are reading magazine or blogs you'd already noticed that are full of article on BACK TO SCHOOL, BACK TO WORK  with a lot of tips and ideas for fashion and food...
Maybe you have the worst habit to buy your lunch daily and believe me you can save THAT MONEY, I'm not saying that you cannot do but limiting it at once per week and putting money saved into travel fund you'll notice how to save quickly and eating well.
But let me explain buying lunch from Monday till Friday paying €10 daily and adding 2 coffee per day means that you can easily spend more of €240 per month (2880 per year) on eating out, while choosing to buy it only once per week and limiting a coffee in the cafe at one you can save a lot whitout ddrastic changes!!!

Ok I must to say I love when commercial center put back to school stands with thousands of products I feel like I'm into Willie Wonka Industry but if you are going to bring your lunch maybe you need to invest a little amount into Lunch Box, Bento box, Schiscetta &co.

Web and recipes magazines can help you to find foodie inspiration for your lunches, cooking ahead permit you to know what exactly in the meal (exactly portion), I found great ideas from:

school lunch archives

 this means that you must to have a good meal planning for the week, do a intelligent grocery shopping choosing local and seasonal and believe me at the beginning could be hard but in a while your colleagues will be envy about your healty and delicious meal!!!

mercoledì 24 agosto 2016


Tonight I was sleeping not so good, I had sensation that something was going wrong and in the middle of night I felt like my bed was moving, but honestly I've thought that was a very wild wind...

Until this morning when I woke up and I found several text messages on whatsup to ask if I was good, I didn't realized why, until I watch facebook news and I discover that near hometown there is been a extremely dangerous Earthquake, 

Earthquake is been like that in 2007 in the city of Aquila,do you remember it?
Amatrice is a little village where everything seems destroyed and people and village need for Real help 
Civil protection: 840840 and 803555
Blood donations to Hospital De Lellis in the town of Rieti

martedì 23 agosto 2016


As I wrote I love reading and I've read a lot during this summer, this morning I had my first coffee date with ex colleagues and then I visit my favorite bookstore asking for a couple of books that are going to arrive one in the next week and another in the end of the month...

So when a friend of mine asked which books I've read I've sent pics of the entire books read this summer, well she thought I've read only one or two, while I've read some more

I'm waiting for CALENDAR GIL volume 3 and 4 but probably I am not going to keep them, yes books are nice but honestly isn't a romance that I'd read several times without being bored about the entire story, but this is my opinion only...

SO CHE CI SEI/IL MIO LIETO FINE SEI TU: ok I must to confess these two are my favorite readings of this summer, because story is so real, talking with some friend of mine and also with personal experience isn't so good see that a guy had red your message on whatsup but he didn't replied...however romance is well written and I loved every single page, plus Idiscover or better re-discovered nice songs suggestein the final playlist:P...I don't know if movie is already been but yes I'm going to watch The hook!!!

MARE NERO-I prefer romances, love stories but this thriller is been a nice choice. the Maing protagonist of the book is a woman, A detective very smart and in the end you can find nice recipes...

IO PRIMA DI TE/DOPO DI TE (Me before you/after you) OH I loved and cried a lot on first book but also there is death is lovely optimistic story and I must to admit me and friends are waitn impatiently for the movie with Emilia Clarke, I pprefer read books before watch movie...

VOLEVO ESSERE UNA GATTA MORTA: interesting but I am still unsure if keep or not the book, but I must tosay it is been a fun reading I devoured in an afternoon and I like because was real and this is a thing that I like into books, when there is reality or you can imagine to be the protagonist because there are wrote things that can happen...

IO VIAGGIO LEGGERA: I am been captured from title, als o because I tend to travel with light baggage, but story is that the couple travrel with NO BAGGAGE, maybe is a sort of their travel's diary and emotional travel but I've read slowly than I thought but is been really nice and knowing that was autobiographic is been a plus

COACH IN LOVE: Ok I must to confess I like this kind of book where you can find also some tips for love life, I find them interesting...story is nice, the protagonist has a great job as LOVE COACH but in real life she is having email swapping with anonymous men, but something unexpected happens...I don't know why but I've thought to movie with Tom Hanks and MEg Ryan, do you remember it?

I still have a couple of books to read and I'm going to read other 2 so for the end of septemebe I'll have read at least other 5 books...yes I am book lover!!!

lunedì 22 agosto 2016


August and summere are still here and magazines are full of articles about what will be trendy for next fall/winter season, so I've done a personal selecction also because a lot of friend of mine are going to marry, re-marry, celebrating their first forties, became newmom, baptism so I already have a lot of invite that request a special corner of my closet for Ceremonies and events...

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There is an item that I try to search every ear but being curvy is quiet hard is find nice pair of boots, but look how are nice these models...

Boots are from Nordstrom site

I'm writing  a list of things to buy for this fashion season but for the moment Iam enjoying my staycation having time to meet friends, spend quality time with friends, reading my mass of books, spending time in the pool near home and relaxing...but I already know that this staycation will end and I'll return into busy life!!!

domenica 21 agosto 2016


This past week is been good but a little bit expensive because I had unexpected bills and some things to buy for mobile...

However I'm glad to kept the good habit to have real dates with friends, pool, dinner in our favourite cheap local, a day in the lake (today) and other day trip in the next weekends, before work inthe cafe re-start I have week end free and I'm enjoying my sort of staycation.

Today I am going to go into Bolsena's lake with my friend Dom, I'm prepared 2 sandwiches, took a bottle of water and 2 bananas, so the only thin gI must to buy is a coffee and an ice cream...but from monday I'll must to have a serious adjustment for my budget to save more and be frugal...but I'm not going to became an extreme cheapskate...

I've read a lot and I'm still doing but today in my lake day I've put into my bag a book that I like a lot So che ci sei (the Hook) and a diy magazine to find some ideas for baby sitting!

I'm planning a week end in the sea and I'm trying to convince also a couple of friend of mine becaus eI don't like a lot travel alone but if is necessary I do, another thing that I want to do is visit Bansky exibithion in Rome...

For this week I'm going to spend weeknights at home reading, adding  other exercises to my daily walking, write and send out snail mail, spend some hours in the pool near home, find time for myself and relax (10 minutes  daily without nothing to do except relaxing) and spend time with friends infront of a coffee,,,
My summer drinks: white wine with sliced peach, cold coffee crea, sangria!!!

  • The most I've spent this past week was on:grocery shopping, devices fro mobile and tablet but I've broke the old so I needed to replace and food is essential
  • Today I feel NERVOUS towards money because: I still must to receive last realtor's check but this week is essential for my budget work, so I'd must to do budget with this money and without, I already know that I'll have big headache...when you must to pay nobody can wait while if you must to be paid you must to wait looong time is really stressful...
  • Money can't buy happiness one free thing I did last week that make me happy was: sleep late in the morning and had time to read my books is great time and have a mattress that works well is a pleasure for my back it is been a good investment on my healt!
  • I will consider this week a success if: I'll end a important project into writing field and have 2 real dates with friends...
  • Craving for: a weekend oout of town with friends and day trip in Rome

How is been your week?

venerdì 19 agosto 2016


This week is been good and busy as usual but I end all my daily to-do-lists and I've started to study again German, I've studied it in high school but after diploma I never had occasion to use it, while I've kept english I'm working on some personal projects that include also German language...
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So I've bought a tiny book with grammar exercises and I am refreshing my memory...but was more easy when I was teens,..however this is my mission Refresh German knowledge for Christmas...

I've read a lot...and I'm still doing IT, I consider reading fuel for brain and for soul!

I've spent time in the pool near home with friends and alone, I used my time alone for mindfulness moment, really good...I had daily gym and daily evening walking, plus I received loving postcards and snail mails from good!
nice view during my Evening walking, no filters needed

I'm planning also some day trips to visit some friends...and also a long weekend!!!

mercoledì 17 agosto 2016


Two Christmas ago I received lovely gifts from Reverend's family and I discover that a family's friend produces beauty items and foodie, if you try Chocolate cream is delicious...
Gusti di Napoli, delicious!!!

together chocolate cream I received a lovely body cream with coffee, well I already had so many cream that I waited to open it...until last week...

It is been a real discover, it has a great fragrance and skin became soft, I love spend time in the pool near home but after I always had dry skin, while now with this cream by "PROFUMI DI NAPOLI" my skin is soft soft soft like a baby born...Also if you don't have cellulite, is good use cream on your body some little treat is best choice ever...
great cream for soft skin:D

I decided to visit the site and there is a giant variety of products and I am going to use for some Christmas basket gift this year...